Providing your organisation with the support you need from basic TNA through to full training consultancy and training development services

Years of experience have given us the expertise to analyse your training needs and design the most effective training and media.

Our ‘Systems Approach to Training’ provides a rigorous process for the analysis and design of your training.  In safety-critical and high risk environments our approach ensures the right training is identified and built in to the solution. And where regulation and governance are key drivers, we make sure you can prove your compliance.  Whether the requirement is simple or complex, we can tailor our approach to provide the optimum solution.

A well developed course with high quality media enhances the training experience.

Learner engagement leads to greater participation, better learning outcomes, better retention and more effective application of the learning in the workplace. Our ability to develop course and lesson plans designed to stimulate your learners, along with our high quality presentation materials, will ensure that you get the best from your training.

If your training needs more flexibility - perhaps you need to reach a dispersed or mobile audience - we can help with developing e-learning solutions.  And if your solution needs more complex media such as training devices or simulations, we have plenty of experience in specifying, procuring and managing their development.

If your organisation needs advice and guidance on technical or complex training, our training consultancy service is founded on long experience over a wide spectrum of training and education.

We work closely with our consultancy clients in such diverse ways as helping identify where training can resolve technical problems, finding training solutions to meet their needs, helping to develop their own training capability, helping them training their customers as well as their staff and even providing competency management across their workforce.

Jireh Training can provide or support training delivery to meet your needs.

We are qualified and experienced in delivering training and education.  Where it is appropriate and we are qualified to do so, we can deliver your training for you. Or if not, we can source suitably qualified and experienced trainers or assist your own training staff.  Our delivery could be in a wide variety of settings including in the classroom, in practical training environments, or in the workplace. We can even facilitate your e-learning delivery and manage just-in-time solutions.

Jireh Training has experience of a wide range of defence, aerospace and nuclear regulation.

Over the years we have worked within a wide range of regulatory frameworks, both in the UK and from a number of other countries. Here are some we have been involved with.


JSP 822


EASA Parts 147 and 66

Mil Parts 147 and 66

ONR Nuclear Site Licensing


…plus regulations and systems from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Australia.

Evaluation of training is often forgotten or ignored but is essential to assuring the effectiveness of the training.

Without proper evaluation how can you know if the training delivers the outcomes you need?  As well as evaluating training at the point of delivery, Jireh Training can assess the effectiveness of the training on people’s individual performance - how well it prepares them for their roles - and if necessary can evaluate the impact on the performance of the organisation.

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